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10" x 13" Original Happy Mail Smileys Recyclable Poly Mailers

10" x 13" Original Happy Mail Smileys Recyclable Poly Mailers

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Own your first impression with vibrant mailers designed to make you stand out! The Original Happy Mail Smileys design was our first concept. Featuring friendly smiley faces in aesthetically pleasing and earth-toned colors, these are sure to put a smile on your customer's face! Our smiley faces are surrounded by the text "Happy Mail" in a groovy font throughout.

10 in. x 13 in. (approx 25.4 cm. x 33)
This design is also available in size 14.5 in. x 19 in. (approx 36.8 cm. x 48.3 cm.)

These are the perfect standard mailer size because they can fit a variety of items including:
· 3-4 T-shirts/Tanks
· Dress Shirt
· 1-2 Dresses
· 1-2 Books/Journals
· Socks/Undergarments
· 1 Yard of Fabric
· Children's Clothing
· Miscellaneous Items that do not require a box

Need both sizes or can't decide on just 1 design? Check out our bundle options to save money!

On the inner adhesive flap, you will find our brand logo and badges which will be hidden upon sealing the bag. Badges read:
"Happy Mail = Happy Planet"
"100% Recyclable"
"Made with Love"

Inspired by retro and vintage styles with a boho influence, Happy Mail was born out of seeing there was a gap in the market for mailers that were striking, high-quality, and unique. We strive to have small, highly curated drops. Our products are made for businesses of all sizes and types.

Our commitment to the planet:
One of our pillars is ECO-FRIENDLINESS. We love our planet and we want to ensure that all our products are eco-friendly. Whether that means they are recyclable, compostable, etc. Our goal is to be as green as possible.
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